Monday, January 23, 2017

Chinese New Year 2017 Year of Red Fire Chicken

Year of Red Fire Chicken
The sign of dawn and awakening
the Rat sign predict good family relations
The Ox is all your hard work will pay you off, successful year is come
The Tiger, get some bad news but you will get though it, leisure plans are to be disrupted
The Rabbit, think twice before making commitment
The Dragonif you correct your strategies then there is no limit to your success. 

The Snake, it is the successful year for them, money saving and happy relationship
The Horse, no time for day dreaming, work hard
The Goat succes in business, little risky in relationship
The Monkey, make your ideas work
It is no good for the Rooster themselves, bad fortune will come to knock there door, hard time for work and money
The Dog, good day will right ahead so don't give up
The Pig, Career and business might get slow

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